Wyborowa Vodka

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Wyborowa Pure Rye Grain Polish Vodka

Wyborowa is very pure, smooth and creamy with a grainy, fruity and slight floral note. Wybo is best enjoyed with friends neat or chilled as a shot, the Polish way!

"Wyborowa was created in 1927 with over 500 years of Polish vodka craftmanship. Imported from Poland – the home of vodka and distributed in more than 70 countries (IWSR 2014). Wybo is, by definition, Polish Vodka as it is made from pure rye grown in Poland, contains no additives other than water and is produced solely in Poland. Since the origin of Wyborowa, its quality has been recognized by more than 30 international awards from all over the globe including the ones from Vienna, Rome, Brussels and San Francisco".



Tasting Notes

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