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Kweichow Moutai - Prince 53% ABV 500ml

Jiang fragrance liquor, the organic local, high-quality sorghum and wheat as its sole material. The entire production cycle takes at least three years, brewed with the same traditional processes from the original Moutai. Prince is a fresher, lighter and more delicate variation of Moutai. Moutai Prince is characterized by its fresh and sweet aroma of apple and pear, its mild aroma preserves the complexity of its older siblings. It has a wine style with prominent Jiang fragrance, elegant and comforting, mellow and soft, long aftertaste, and lasting empty-cup fragrance. Moutai Prince is liquor for spreading happiness. It can be drunk straightly, paired with dishes, or made into cocktail.

ABV: 53%
Volume: 500ml

Tasting Notes

Nose: Aromas of flower, grass, fruit, sweetness and dried plant. Has more mellow aromatics and less alcohol on the nose.
Palate: On the palate, there is less alcohol tingling, with a slightly sweeter flavour and a hint of smoke that becomes evident after a few sips. The soy sauce notes are present and the spirit is much smoother and therefore more approachable to drink.
Finish: It has a long finish and a pleasant lingering aftertaste that acts as an appetite stimulant.
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