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Duvel- Brasil Rhum Edition BA 8 Ale 11% ABV 750ml Bottle

Aged to perfection on Cachaça Barrels. Cachaça is a distillate that, according to the protected designation of origin, can only be distilled in Brazil from cold-pressed sugarcane juice. Thanks to its fresh juice, cachaça manages to retain its vegetal flavour essence. What makes it truly special is its fermentation, which takes place outdoors: this allows the wild yeast cells to provide a full and rich flavour intensification. 

Tasting Notes:

To blend the aromas and flavour complexity of the cachaça barrels and the base beer, Duvel Barrel Aged, The Brasil Rum Edition matures for about 8 months. Cédric: 'The flavour and aftertaste will become rounder thanks to the original alcohol that is still present in the soaked oak barrels. A tropical-fruity palate with ripe aromas of vanilla, clove, caramel and toffee. Then, the velvety mouthfeel of marshmallow adds to the harmonious flavour experience.

Tasting Notes

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