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domaine de familongue eté à familongue rosé


Domaine de Familongue Eté à Familongue (Rosé) comes from blending rosés from lightly-pressed and free-run juice during fermentation. The first thing about Domaine de Familongue Eté à Familongue (Rosé) that hits you is its delicate light salmon-tinged colour with pinkish hues. The nose starts off showing intense fruity aromas (redcurrant, raspberry puree). Then finer with lychee notes. Domaine de Familongue Eté à Familongue (Rosé) is rich, rounded and full-bodied. The finish is zingier, adding a refreshing touch to the whole. This is a summer rosé, ideal for sharing in good company. 




45% Granache


25% Cinsault


25% Carigan


5% Syrah



Taste Characteristics

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