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Cocchi Americano 700ml

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Cocchi Americano is produced according to Giulio Cocchi original recipe. It is the closest modern day alternative to Kina Lillet,  the famed ingredient of Bond's Vesper Martini. Cocchi Americano, for its nature, represents the link between wine and liquors being a wine plus a small quantity of alcohol bittered (“amaricato”) by the infusion of precious herbs and spices: white wine, sugar, herbs and spices infusion in alcohol and in particular gentian flowers and leaves, Artemisia, Cinchona, bitter orange peel, elderflower and others.
To produce Cocchi Americano, white wine is aromatized with the extracts obtained through a cold infusion in alcohol, then refined for balancing the spices’ aromas and tastes.

Lots of quinine bitterness, along with fruity orange flavours and some balancing sweetness. 

How to drink:

The classic version sees it served well chilled in a cocktail glass with ice cubes, completed with a splash of seltz so to free all its aromas and typical perfumes. It can be perfected with a squeezed out orange peel. It also work beautifully mixed in with gin, vodka and metzcal style drinks. 
ABV: 16.5%

Tasting Notes

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