Whiplash -The White Flash Witbier 4.8% ABV 440ml Can

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Built on Pilsner and Wheat and nothing else, we’ve brewed The White Flash using our favourite US lager hop – Crystal. Bred from Cascade and Mittelfruh, we’ve found Crystal to have this beautiful crossover between citrus and white grape while retaining a light degree of noble spice and relatively low alpha so we can cram some more in there in the whirlpool. We’ve fermented this one on WLP410 for a fuller body and lighter phenolics and then added just the right amount of Organic White Peach purée toward the end of fermentation, bumping up the fruit complexity, drying out the finish and adding some welcome gentle tartness to a style that relishes in it.

Tasting Notes: 
It’s all there. The nose, the body, the tart peachy finish. It’s juicy, bright and refreshing as hell. Seeing that this is a tiny pilot tank there’s only 42 cases of The White Flash in the world. We’ll have to correct that over the coming months but for now you should check out why we don’t reckon this brew needs a V002.

Tasting Notes

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