spiegelau perfect serve collection (home bar starter kit)

Spiegelau Perfect Serve Collection (Home Bar Starter Kit), if you are one of those who likes to make cocktails, and do not want to spend time looking for every perfect glass, this is your perfect Kit. Inside of Spiegelau Perfect Serve Collection (Home Bar Starter Kit) box you will find: different type of glasses (long drink, spirits glass, tumbler and Cocktail glass , whiskey), and 3 other accessories (strainer, jigger and bar spoon).


2 x Perfect Coupette Glass, 235 ml

2 x Perfect Cocktail Glass, 165 ml

2 x Perfect S.O.F. Glass, 270 ml

2 x Perfect Longdrink Glass, 350 ml

1 x Perfect Mixing Glass, 637 ml

1 X Perfect Strainer

1 X Perfect Bar Spoon

1 X Perfect Jigger

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