Hope - 12 Pack (Not Mixed) 12 x 440ml Cans

Can Option

Choose from two craft beer packs from Hope and receive 12 cans of your favourite Hope brew. 

Choose from:

Gose - Classic

A sour beer, traditionally soured with lactic bacteria, but we actually used a special yeast strain that produces lactic acid as well as alcohol. It has a relatively sour and citrusy profile with a subtle saltiness that leaves a really clean, tangy finish in your mouth. In a word, refreshing! 

Amber Lager - Limited Edition

Our first Limited Edition of 2022 is an amber lager with a malty medium body. The beer is a throw back to some of the popular American beers before the craft beer boom of the 80s and 90s.  Flavours of caramel and toffee. It is balanced by light bittering from the classic American Cascade hop and a late hop addition of Cluster, which was once the most widely grown hop in the United States. The body is lightened somewhat by the addition of flaked corn to the grain bill.

Tasting Notes

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