World Malbec Day Trio

Celebrate World Malbec Day 17th April 2022

Malbec is typically grown at a high altitude close to the Andes mostly in Argentina. Malbec is medium to full-bodied and rich in fruit flavours. An easy wine to drink due to the lack on tannins compared to a Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Pascual Toso Selected Vines Malbec 2019

Pascual Toso Selected Vines Malbec unctuous but delicate. An elegant, deeply fruity and long finish is the right balance between the natural expression of the grapes and the ageing in oak barrels.

Luigi Bosca Malbec D.O.C 2019

A pure, full-bodied, well-structured red wine with character and all the juiciness typical of this variety. A perfect match for grilled or roasted red meat, deer and hard cheese.

Chateau Combel La Serre Cahors Malbec 2017

A light and fruity malbec, deep purple in colour. Juicy and vibrant with notes of blackberry and cherry.

Taste Characteristics

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