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Emilio Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez Sherry N/V

Pedro Ximenez

Pedro Ximenez is a prefect option to pour over your favourite good quality Vanilla Ice-cream to make a deliciously boozy dessert.

It will make your favourite desserts like Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies and Christmas Cake a prefect finish to a delicious meal.

Kopke 10 Year Old

Kopke - 10 Year Old White Porto

A prefect Port for putting your feet up in front of a cosy fire after a long day of eating, drinking and entertaining.

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Curatolo Arini Marsala Secco N/V

Dessert Wine Collection

Curatolo Arini Marsala Secco N/V is an elegant dessert wine.

Prefect for your favourite dark chocolate and berry cake.

Moet & Chandon Champagne Imperial Brut Magnum

Moet & Chandon Champagne

Moet & Chandon Champagne Imperial Brut Magnum, an excellent choice to finish off the Christmas day festivities.

Goes prefectly with fruit tart as it is bursting with it's own fruity flavour.

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